Give a Gif a Go

“ There’s definitely an increase in GIFs enquiries — luckily my illustration style translated well to animation, using flat shapes and such, so it was pretty easy to transition for me to add motion my work” — Harry Tennant

“I worked for many years in an animation studio, doing branding for TV (HBO, Sony, Fox, Disney, etc.). And while my job was to illustrate and design, when there was an opportunity I would sit next to the animators and animate small parts of my illustrations, I really like frame by frame animation.” — Marcos Farina

“I got to a point in my career where I had a bit of time to experiment and push my style… a little bit of animation was the way to go. It’s another skill that can compliment my illustration work! It’s so easy to create a gif even with the simplest of programs these days. I have absolutely seen an increase in GIF enquiries — in the last couple of years 30/40% of my clients have asked for some form of animation to be added!” — Edward McGowan

“With illustrations being viewed more and more on the internet, it felt like a natural progression to add movement to amplify the drawings & ideas. I enjoy the challenge of making a concept work as a static piece on the printed page and an animation online.

GIFs are a great way to communicate and share online. A small looping Gif can pack a big punch, animations can deliver more information than a still image and help push ideas further! In the last two years, I am noticing more requests to animate my illustrations. From digital newsletters, online brand identity to animations for social media platforms like Instagram. Many clients are creating exclusive online content. Being able to make your illustrations move is an essential skill to learn.” — Nishant Choksi

Clients are increasingly looking for all-round superstar illustrators that can animate their own work, saving themselves time and money. The skill is also extremely beneficial if you get asked to create illustrations for an animation project. We all know how competitive the illustration scene is — if you can reassure the client that you understand the process and know how to set up files for animation, then that’s a step closer to victory!



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