Animation Deep Dive with Park District

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3 min readSep 16, 2021


Today we’re going behind the scenes, giving you an intimate glimpse into Park District’s world of punchy stopmotion. A bite size deep dive — we discuss motion as a powerful tool for communication, day to day life in an animation studio and the effects Covid-19 has had on this captivating industry.

Park District are a collective of award winning film makers who specialise in branded short form content across social media platforms and online.Their animation arm specialises in conceptual, punchy stop-animation. All captured and created in-house, this team of creative masterminds can pack an idea full of punch and deliver it in a boa in record time. They’ve worked with global players such as Twitter, Disney, Nikon and M&S.

  1. What makes animation a powerful tool for communication?

When used well, animation has the power to push a viewer into state of awe and wonder, evoking the inner child and delivering a message that’s packaged in magic.

2. What does an average day in the life look like for you?

Much like the tortoise who once famously had a race with a hare, an average day for an animator draws two very similar parallels; Slow and steady! You cant rush the craft. So we often find our selves staring at an inanimate object, and gently repositioning it over….and over….and over etc. But the rewards are so worth it.

3. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t hold back. If you want the sky to be neon pink with rubber duck clouds, you do that! People will accept it… and love it.

4. How do you think the past year and Covid -19 has affected the animation industry?

Animators are basically socially distanced all the time, pandemic or not, and so its not coincidence that studios and brands have leant heavily on animation a form of communication during this global period of COVID.

In many ways the world has become more connected since the pandemic and animation of one of those mediums that works really well globally. A director in the UK can work remotely with an animator in Korea and a voice artist in Kenya, and it will all come together seamlessly.

5. What is your favourite thing about being an animation studio and why?

To be able to breathe life into a packet of crisps or a handbag is just so cool. It really does offer us a magical glimpse into another world where anything is possible.

6. What do you wish you’d known when just starting out that you know now?

You don’t need wild action or explosions to make an impact, just simple movement done with precision.

When a person lifts a cup of coffee from a table to take a sip, the movement speed isn’t all one exact pace, it starts off slow for a few split seconds, then as the muscles kick in they bring the cup up quicker, finally slowing again gradually as to not spill the coffee.

Being able to replicate the simply yet concise movement of life, and recreate that in your drawings and inanimate objects will make your animations stand out from the rest.

7. What advice do you have for aspiring animators?

As a medium of communication and story telling, animation offers very little if any limitations as to what you can say or show. There are so many forms of expression though animation, and all are wonderful. You can tell the story of an intergalactic battle using plastic juice cartons and tin foil, or depict an intimate conversation between two best friends using painstakingly well drawn cartoon images. Both methods would prove highly entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Either way, getting started is very affordable, and there is no reason not to try and bring your wonderful ideas to life.

Like what you see and want to discover more? Why not check out Park District’s dreamy portfolio here!

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